What is The Pure Procurement Newsletter?

The Pure Procurement Newsletter exists to help Procurement and IT professionals stay on top of trends, opportunities and best practices in the Digital Procurement space.

It’s all about getting rid of the noise and providing you with curated, vetted insights that enable successful delivery of your Digital Procurement initiatives.

My goal is to generate actionable value for you with humility, integrity and, hopefully, a bit of humor…

Why Subscribe?

In survey after survey, CPOs and Procurement organizations worldwide report having trouble delivering their Digital Transformation initiatives. Why?

Well, simply put, there’s a ‘digital skills’ gap between the skills project sponsors and their teams bring to the table and what is required to be successful.

My content helps you bridge this gap.

What to Expect in my Content

The main reasons digital transformation initiatives fail1 are:

  • Lack of a clear digital strategy that links back to business objectives

  • Lack of a holistic view of the Procurement digital transformation

    • For example: focus on Purchasing automation instead of the entire Source-to-Pay process for a given category

  • Poor integration across applications

  • Poor data quality

  • Lack of funding

Everything I put out is designed to help you address one of these issues.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Joël Collin-Demers,
Consulting Principal at Pure Procurement

Over the past decade, I’ve delivered 20+ large-scale Procurement system implementation projects across 9 industries (Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Rail Vehicle Manufacturing, Real Estate Management. Telecommunications and the Public Sector) in all major processes supported by Procurement (Spend Analysis, Sourcing, Contract Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable & Supplier Relationship Management).

I’ve been with most of my clients for years and I still deliver projects in the trenches with them today. I’m no “in and out” consultant. I know what it takes to make solutions durable.

My objective is to share everything I know with you.

Subscription Details

Free subscribers get access to:

  • 🌙 Weekly Sunday Night Notes 

    Every Sunday night, I reflect on the last week and give you a nugget to think about in the week ahead.

  • 🔝 My curated Monthly Top 5 

    Every month, I’ll send you the best Source-to-Pay content from the web. I sort through the noise so you don’t have to (sent the 3rd Wednesday of every month around 7:30am ET)

  • A few times a year, I’ll also share a premium 🤿 Deep Dive Article with you for free so you know what you’re missing…

Premium subscribers get access to all of the above AND:

  • 🤿 My Monthly Deep Dive Articles

    Every month, I share detailed articles that give you the tools to maximize the value derived from your Procurement organization’s digital transformation initiatives (sent the 1st Wednesday of every month around 7:30am ET).

  • 🎁 Exclusive access to the premium content archive

    This is truly for Procurement professionals who are focused on closing their ‘digital skills gap’. To be a world-class Procurement professional, you need to be able to master the technology that enables great Procurement processes. These articles get you there.

  • 🎓Free access to my “Implementing Procurement Systems That Work" Masterclass (Retail value: 149$). This 3-hour class gives you:

    • A framework for navigating the Procurement applications market

    • The process for crafting your Procurement transformation roadmap.

    • There are now 400+ software vendors catering to Procurement… Looking at each one individually is suicide.

  • 🏪 Free access to all digital tools and templates periodically added to the Pure Procurement store.

  • 🚦 Priority access to all Pure Procurement virtual events (e.g. intimate fireside chats with leaders in the ProcureTech space)

A typical month of Pure Procurement

Can My Company Pay for a Premium Subscription?

Absolutely! Consider this the equivalent of a trade publication and/or training. Here’s an email you can send to your manager. I’m sure they’ will be delighted you have an interest in professional development.

My Final Pitch

I don’t know of a single other source covering these topics as deeply as I am for as reasonable a price… Seriously. I dare you to find one and send it to me…

If you’re in the Procurement space and want to keep up with advancements in Digital Procurement, you can’t afford to not subscribe!

See you in the comments!

- Joël